Kerala - Wayanad Hill Station

Kerala Wayanad Hill Station

Wayanad is a district in Kerala that was formed in the year of 1980. It is situated on the Western Ghats and is a hill station in Kerala with more number of tribal settlement in the area. The place is home to many ancient temples. This picturesque location in the mountains of the Western Ghats has its name as Wayanad which was derived from ‘Vayal’ meaning rice fields and ‘Nadu’ meaning land. Together becoming the Land of Paddy fields. According to historical findings, the forests of Wayanad have been in existence since 3,000 years. This makes this hill station a tranquil and deeply mystifying place to visit. Plus the cuisine here is worth trying out at least once in your life.

Activities to do in Wayanad

Wayanad is a land of beautiful ponds and paddy fields that dance to the tune of the wind. Bestowed with magnificent mountains and verdant hills for hiking and trekking, Wayanad is a land clad inside lush green forests. It is one of the most coveted holiday destination in Kerala and houses many varieties of flora and fauna. The Chembra Peak where you can have a panoramic view of the Karapuzha dam, Banasura Sagar dam and Vaithair. Amongst the prettiest hill stations of Kerala, Wayanad is praised for its estates and natural life forms that form undisturbed.




Cave camping


Visiting Caves

Wildlife safari

Chembra peak trek

Neelimala view point

Boating in Banasura Sagar dam

Attractions at Wayanad


Wayanad is an enchanting hill station that is cuddled by the Western Ghats and the fluffy mists that cover the mountain peaks. Wayanad is an exciting escape into the enthralling part of life with a large number of options to choose from for visiting. The entire region is clad in green with slopes and nature’s life thriving without any distractions. Trekking through the tribal villages and strolling into the flavorful estates, Wayanad is guaranteed to fulfill all your vacation cravings. The Wayanad wildlife sanctuary is a beautiful place which houses the Asiatic elephants, egrets, tigers and panthers. The hill station has many alluring attractions such as the Edakkal caves which is home to the antiquated petroglyphs where some date back to the Neolithic era.

Food and beverages

Wayanad is not short of restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, wine parlors or snack kiosks because of the number of inflow in tourists. The cold gives you a craving for hot food which is readily available in most restaurants in Wayanad

Public facilities

Public facilities such as public transport, police station, security, public toilets and public water booths are available at many spots in Wayanad.

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