Kerala - Vagamon Hill Station

Kerala Vagamon Hill Station

Vagamon, a paradise set in the Meenachil Taluk is a hill station situated in the Western Ghats of the Idukki district in Kerala. It is a small town near Kottayam which has an overgrown greenery in all of Kerala and has a lush growth of green hills, ravines and rivulets. Considered as the most serene location by the people of Kerala itself, Vagamon is a perfect holiday destination that is situated 1,200 meters above sea level. With its inviting gesture, Vagamon is a place you will want to visit again and again. Escaping the check of greenery, Vagamon is overloaded with green plantations. The fresh, cool air is invigorating surrounded by the sea of tea plantations. The green capped hills, meandering road lined with pine forests offer an inviting hand to Vagamon.

Activities to do in Vagamon

Vagamon with its beautiful location and pristine settings, is comprised of hillocks, waterfalls and valleys that make it an enchanting place for tourists. From adventure sports to meditation activities, Vagamon is the ideal destination for all activities. The locations are very serene with milky waterfalls and deep forests which can be explored when you are visiting Vagamon. It offers beautiful roads that zig zag around the mountain passes which make for an amazing location for photographers. Vagamon is created out of three hills that add to the beauty of the hill station and enthralls you with the true bliss of holidaying.





Jeep safari



Murugan Mala

Mountain climbing

Walk in pine forest

Kurisumala ashram

Attractions at Vagamon


Vagamon is an enchanting place with a lot of tourist attractions than you can hold in your list. The green hills itself takes an entire day to get used to. Vagamon is both and exciting and a serene escape to tourists from any metropolitan city. There are many places in Vagamon that attract visitors from all across the globe. With the Ulipooni wildlife sanctuary, the grassy meadows, Pine Hills and the variety of falls that cascade throughout the year in Vagamon makes for a beautiful weekend getaway. Many wildlife can be spotted in the region because of the dense flora housed there. You can also explore the green side of life by visiting the vast tea plantations. You can spend some quality time here with your friends and loved ones.

Food and beverages

Vagamon has a number resorts, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, snack kiosks and wine parlors. During your trip to Vagamon, you should try out the great local cuisine which has a great taste in flavor and can be relished when consumed hot along with the cold weather.

Public facilities

Public facilities such as transport, public toilets, police stations and security are available readily in Vagamon and in the areas around the hill station.

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